Use These Tips to Create Real Estate Newsletter Templates

Posted by troyconf on 24/11/2017 in Real Estate Newsletter

Crafting a well-written newsletter can mean the difference between having a good month and a phenomenal month. Creating your own can be frustrating, but by following these tips, you can create the perfect template to help you craft engaging newsletters that will bring new clients running to you.

1. Match Your Branding

Make sure your newsletter templates match your business’ branding. Nothing is more confusing than reading an entertaining newsletter, then visiting a website that doesn’t match what the prospect read. Keep your colors, fonts, and tone all uniform, and you’ll avoid any potential confusion.

2. Subject Lines Matter

Creating the perfect subject line for your newsletter is one of the most important parts of your newsletter template. A good subject line will grab your readers’ attention quickly to get them to open your email and read your newsletter. You can have the best content possible, but if your subject lines are boring or land your newsletter in the spam folder, all the time you spent crafting that perfect content will have been wasted.

Here are some examples of good subject lines:

  • Avoid These 10 First Time Buyer Mistakes
  • How to Update Your Laundry Room on a Budget
  • The #1 Mistake New Home Buyers Make

3. Don’t Ignore Content Titles

The subject line of your newsletter email has already caught your reader’s attention. Now you need to craft catchy titles to drive readers to read your content. Each article needs a unique and entertaining title. These will follow a similar format as your subject lines.

Here are a few sample titles that will catch a reader’s eye:

  • 3 Free Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom This Weekend
  • These 5 Essential Tricks Will Help You Prepare For Your First Open House
  • Incredible Secrets That Can Help You Save Hundreds on Your Next Renovation

4. Content is King

You want your content to build trust with your readers. Since your newsletter is part of your content marketing strategy, it is one thing that will help grow your business over time. If you think you can get by with just sending out new home listings, think again.

Newsletters should not be aggressive “sales-y.” Your newsletter is about adding value to your target audience’s lives and building trust; setting you up as the trustworthy person to come to with questions about buying or selling a house.

Valuable stories could include:

  • Home renovation tips and ideas
  • What to expect when buying a home
  • What to expect during inspections
  • Home maintenance tips
  • Moving and relocation tips

5. Automate Sending

To save time, use real estate marketing software that automatically sends your newsletter out to your email list. While marketing is an important part of a realtor’s job, it’s certainly not the only or most important hat you wear. So, when it comes to reaching your network through email or social media, use tools that make the job fast! With automated email marketing, you can get back to what you do best – selling homes!

At the End of the Day

Crafting your template keeping these tips in mind will save you time and frustration. By remembering to add value to your readers’ lives, and crafting catchy subject lines and headlines, you can’t lose.

Keep things interesting, fun, and informative, and your audience will eat it up. You and your business will be remembered as the one with all the answers; the one potential customers would prefer to work with over anyone else.

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