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Posted by troyconf on 09/03/2017 in Realtor Tips

Even if your clients appear to be relaxed while preparing for their upcoming move, there’s a good possibility that they’re worried about getting everything done. Since uprooting a family can be stressful and chaotic, it’s important to properly care for your customers by providing quality guidance each step of the way. To help ease their concerns, here are a few simple ways to prepare your clients for moving day.

To-Do List

Planning ahead for a move may seem like a no-brainer, but many clients still choose to wing-it when it comes to packing and preparing. And since last minute tasks can cause stress to the moving process, make sure to give your customers a moving to-do list to help them out. Include tips on packing, organizing, and cleaning a home, as well as any other useful information that involves gathering household items together.

Moving Supplies

Most clients tend to overlook the amount (and cost) of moving supplies they’ll need for their home. By the time they’re ready to pack up all of their belongings, there aren’t enough cardboard boxes, duct tape, or other items for everything that they have. To avoid this problem, create a moving kit of items that will help your clients organize their household items. According to this Boston moving company, the ideal moving kit would include unfolded boxes, tape guns, garbage bags, ziplock bags, bubble wrap, or other packaging material.

You can never have enough cardboard boxes when prepping for a move!

You can never have enough cardboard boxes when prepping for a move!

Relocation Packet

It can be tough to move from a familiar neighborhood to a brand new location. And if your clients are moving to a new area, be sure to send them a relocation packet with helpful information about their new city or state. Include public transportation stops, grocery stores, shopping malls, fun activities, and restaurants options to help ease their transition.

Digital Documents

Having your clients go through stacks of paper contracts and other documents can add more mess to their moving experience. Since clients would have to save and move all paperwork, it’s also an additional thing to pack and plan for as well. Instead of traditional paper documents, provide digital contracts online instead. You can even scan paper documents into a computer and load them on a USB drive for clients, giving them a small and easy way to organize all moving information. Alternatively, you can use a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive for digital document organization.

A USB drive will save space and allow clients to store documents on a computer.

A USB drive will save space and allow clients to store documents on a computer.

Local Connections

Walking into a new house can be depressing without power and utilities, and connecting your clients with the services in their area can help them feel more at home. You can also connect your clients with a local home designer. Since interior design tends to be important for many new homeowners, especially younger ones, a home designer is perfect for helping clients with a new house layout or style.

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