Real Estate and Moving Apps to Download Before Your Next Move

Posted by troyconf on 13/10/2017 in Real Estate Moving Apps

In the 21st century, you now have the chance to digitally control everything for your relocation, without calling to inquire about every home, every moving quote, and every change that might occur.

Information was combined from sources like this US News article on house-hunting apps and Digital Trends’ list of comprehensive real estate apps. Business Insider’s article on best moving apps and this article from GoodCall, data and information collection company, help determine the best inventory and organizational apps. All apps listed here are available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Once you realize relocation is in your future, until you’re completely unpacked at your new home, these seven apps will be the most beneficial. Thanks Cheap Dallas Movers in Irving for helping us compile this great list!

1. Zillow: Marketplace of Over 100 Million Homes

All home and apartment availability, pricing, and market analysis’ are the tip of the iceberg for Zillow’s features. Zillow’s Zestimate, a great tool for homeowners, uses your appraised home value from your city plus all known data points from your area to reflect a more accurate ongoing home value.

2. Boasts Most Homes for Sale

Using the lowercase ‘r’ for their app, brings intuitive features to apartment and house hunting. Listings are updated every 15 minutes, including snapshots of “For Sale” signs in real time, swiping in the Android Wear smartwatch app, and ability to stream information on Google’s Chromecast.

3. HomeSnap: Instant Information at a Snap

Claiming 20% more agent listings than national portals, this app is for people on-the-go. Forget writing down information and just snap a picture of the perfect place that caught your eye. Upload it and see all the details, including interior and exterior photos, estimates, nearby school ratings, plus you can instantly chat with realtors.

4. Dwellr: U.S. Census Bureau’s House-Hunting App

Using the top 25 cities matching your lifestyle options, narrow down your search with typical factors, like home value, but nearly every category used in the U.S. Census is available to you. Use information real people have given about property taxes or nearby education to make your selection. Plus, Dwellr is more privacy-conscious, so your information won’t be dumped into a cloud, but kept on your phone.

5. Unpakt: Book, Manage and Pay for Your Move

Create your inventory list and use it to compare prices for local movers. Make adjustments in real time, even on the day of the move, and pay through the app.

6. Google Keep: Stay Organized

Google Keep lets you check off tasks as they’re completed, and everyone’s app is updated in real time. From cleaning to packing and unpacking, moving to-do lists will stay organized until the last box is unpacked. Being based in the Bay Area, this SF moving company gave us this tip to stay organized throughout the moving, packing, and organization part of the process.

7. Letgo: Live Clutter-Free

Let locals buy your unwanted or unneeded possessions. Take a picture, list the item and locals will inquire. If you sell enough, you’ll make back all the money you spend on moving.

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