Real Estate and Moving Apps to Download Before Your Next Move

Real Estate and Moving Apps to Download Before Your Next Move

Posted by by troyconf on 13/10/2017 in Real Estate Moving Apps

In the 21st century, you now have the chance to digitally control everything for your relocation, without calling to inquire about every home, every moving quote, and every change that might occur. Information was combined from sources like this US News article on house-hunting apps and Digital Trends’ list of comprehensive real estate apps. Business
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Box Your House with Space Saving Packing Tips

Posted by by troyconf on 11/10/2017 in Space Saving Packing Tips

Whether you’re preparing to move across the country or across town, you need to make sure your possessions are packed in a secure way. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save space and keep your items in one piece throughout the journey. Just take these tips from the nation’s best long distance
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5 Things to Know About Philadelphia Real Estate

Posted by by troyconf on 16/03/2017 in Philadelphia Real Estate

Moving to a new city can be tough, especially if you haven’t done your research. To avoid the stress and headache of figuring out a new town, it’s always best to look at average home prices, crime rates, and commute times well in advance. For those looking to move to the city of Philadelphia, here
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Professional Mover Tips | How to Prepare Your Client for Moving Day

Posted by by troyconf on 09/03/2017 in Realtor Tips

Even if your clients appear to be relaxed while preparing for their upcoming move, there’s a good possibility that they’re worried about getting everything done. Since uprooting a family can be stressful and chaotic, it’s important to properly care for your customers by providing quality guidance each step of the way. To help ease their
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Ultimate Vocab Cheat Sheet for New Home Buyers

Posted by by troyconf on 01/03/2017 in Realtor Tips

While the prospect of buying a new home can be exciting for first-time buyers, it can also be a daunting experience filled with confusion and questions on the homeowner process. For those of you with clients who are tackling their very first home purchase, here’s our ultimate vocabulary sheet to help familiarize them with the
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Tips for Helping a Client Moving to NYC for the First Time

Posted by by troyconf on 22/02/2017 in New York Real Estate

While relocating to New York City can be an exciting experience for a client, most first-timers will need a crash course on what to expect from NYC real estate. As we know, when it comes to renting and buying, the New York real estate market is a lot more competitive and cutthroat than it is
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7 Daily Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Posted by by troyconf on 03/02/2017 in Realtor Tips

If you’re looking to start a career in the challenging world of real estate, you’ll need to develop a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and professional habits that can separate you from other competitors in the market. Just like with any other ambitious goal, you won’t achieve instant success or gratifying sales overnight. It
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Trendiest Neighborhoods in NYC’s Outer Boroughs

Posted by by troyconf on 22/01/2017 in New York Real Estate

As one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, New York City is getting far too pricey for many of its residents. Manhattan real estate prices have skyrocketed with the rise of foreign investments in the market, and most people simply can’t afford to pay their raised rent and grocery bills at
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